If you are interested in participating in our LOVE of Gingham, please read below.

Simply put….

LOVE GINGHAM? Then you too can participate. If you are  making anything GINGHAM or have found things made from GINGHAM, then you can place your “STUFF, DESIGNS in our store”

After an exhaustive search there is no one place that carries anything and everything GINGHAM, till now.

We both love GINGHAM, it is a classic, never goes out of style and always brings smiles to anyone and everyone who loves GINGHAM.

We were constantly asked if we were selling any of our GINGHAM projects, problem was we loved everything we made so much, the answer was always "NO, not yet…"

These past few months we have been making EXTRA GINGHAM projects for you to purchase now. And because we are always thinking of what we can do to have you contribute too, we thought we would
open a store for YOU TOO!
If you wish to participate, here is your TO DO LIST!

1. Send us photos 1-3, we will choose the best and place your item in our store.

2. Send us a description, size and cost and we will put that under your project. *
let us know cost to ship! that will be added to your item cost.

3. Once sold, we will send you the address of your buyer and you will mail them
directly. We  hold back 15% of the sale. ( not the shipping)  The rest of the
monies will be sent to you in your PayPal account. The 15% held back is our
fee to set  your account and highlight you and others on our blogs weekly and
will be your only cost to participate.

4. There is no limit to the number of items you can place in the THE GINGHAM

5. Every item you choose to sell must be of gingham or have something
gingham on it… Patterns, included!

If you require any more information, drop us a line we are here to help you
achieve success in our GINGHAM store.
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